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Employment Mediation

Employment mediation has experienced substantial growth with proactive employers because of the substantial rewards to be gained by all parties. With the full consent and involvement of the parties, a resolution reached through neutral mediation can avoid the risks both parties face at trial at incredibly reduced costs, stress and time for all parties concerned.
The outcomes of mediation differ from litigation in that the parties are free to resolve the issues amicably, with a settlement they can both accept and one that may not be available through a ruling of a judge in court.

The mediation process which allows the employees the freedom to express themselves to their employer as to their perception of events, their frustrations and anger, can be remedial and reduce any retaliatory goals. Although mediation can result in an emotional time for the employee if the employee can participate fully in the process they can retain their dignity and move forward in their lives.

For the employer, through mediation, understanding more about the events can be educational and lead to positive internal changes. This enables the employer to avoid similar problems in the future. If an employee is to remain an employee, they may feel personally and emotionally rewarding as a result of the company’s proactive and responsible approach to resolving the dispute.

Mediation is convened away from public scrutiny and meetings are confidential to the participants. Litigation can damage a company’s reputation and hamper their ability to hire progressively. Companies and employees can be assured of confidentiality in settlements. Companies who embark on fair and expedient solutions to internal disputes are rewarded with a boost in morale and productivity.

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