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Flat Fee

Our all inclusive Flat Fee covers everything from drafting documents, meeting with both parties to have documents commissioned as well as filing at applicable court. Your flat flee also includes all the Ministry of Finance fees which are close to $640.00.


Upon receiving all the information required, our office can have your paperwork ready to sign in as little at 48 hours!

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Simple Will

(Includes Power of Attorney for Personal care and Property)
$250.00 plus HST

Your last Will & Testament should truly reflect what you want to see happen at the time of your death. Ensuring that your funeral expenses have been taken care of and with whom your estate should be left to are decisions that you can make now and have implemented before anything happens.

Age should not be a determining factor. Many people still believe if you are young, you do not need a Will. This is simply untrue. No one can predict how life may treat us or when it will end. Being prepared and documenting your wishes is the only way to ensure that your estate is protected. Our Flat fee includes your Simple Will plus Power of Attorney for Personal Care and Property.

You cannot take it with you however, you can ensure that if the unforeseeable does happen; you are ready to unburden the ones you love and make the tough and emotional decisions now.

Uncontested Joint Divorces

(Includes all the Ministry of Finance Fees)
$1,000.00 plus HST

Getting a divorce is already a stressful situation, why complicate matters with a lengthy litigation? Our couples who choose to proceed with an uncontested Divorce have already made the hard choice. This is a matter of finalizing what they have already started.

You may not be aware but as of April 1st, 2019, The Ministry of Finance has increased the filing fee for Joint Divorce from $447.00 to $632.00.  This is an increase of $175.00. 

TORONTO ADR SERVICES is committed to providing our clients with cost effective solutions an as such, we will NOT be increasing our Divorce fee which will remain at $1000.00 plus HST.

My custody dispute had been in court since 2012. Nothing had been done. I was owed huge back child support. Once we agreed to mediate with Rebecca it took less than 10 days. He paid the arrears right away and we finally have a court order.

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