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Annual Reviews and Amendments

Preparing an annual review and amendments for your new financial status is crucial after major changes in your business.

Complete Services – From Drafting Settlements to Annual review

Hiring TORONTO ADR SERVICES for both mediating separating agreements and preparing annual reviews and amendments will save you money and time. Our main duty as a mediator is to provide a fair and stress-free platform where both parties can negotiate the best agreement, beneficial to everyone.

When support is involved and is ongoing, every year, an exchange of income will need to take place to determine if the monthly support, whether that be section 7 expenses, child and or spousal support should be changing. This can be a tedious task getting both parties to make the necessary changes and implementing them. Our mediators will complete the required calculations for you to ensure the right amount is being paid.

TORONTO ADR SERVICES offers a flat rate for our services. We want to ensure that your separation agreement endures, and we recognize that there are changes that families go through which you both may recognize, after your separation agreement becomes final. These minor amendments must be reflected in your signed agreement. We include the completion of these amendments in our flat fee, complimentary to our clients.

Our mediation process ensures a smooth transition when it comes time to complete the annual calculation review

Clients with Existing Agreements

Clients with existing agreements, prepared elsewhere, can obtain any necessary amendments through TORONTO ADR SERVICES. We will reach out and discuss the required changes with both of you and provide you with the required addendum to your agreement. If need be we can meet to negotiate any existing terms which now may be in dispute and we also speak individually and privately as needed at no additional cost, when sensitive or private situations arise.

We Provide Mediation For:

  • Separating couples
  • Personal Injury/Motor Vehicle
  • Commercial disputes (lease)
  • And much more

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